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The probability of pressing No if you don't understand is 50%.

If the default is set to Yes, I am ready to take the bet that people just press Enter and that your estimation is wrong.

Besides, to take your car analogy: what if the user pushes the big green button and the car starts right away, passing over the dog in the process ? This user thought that he are just turning the motor on at this point. Wouldn't it be better to give a chance to get doggie out of the way ?

This is the car-world equivalent of what we are trying

Of course, there is the possibility that some people will not get their groceries for dinner, but we have to make risk/benefits analysis in such cases.

Concerning "expert" users (who are expected to find the release notes by some magic in the installer binary), where is the clear explanation on how to unbreak MikTeX, either on LyX website or on mikTex.org?

This is something I do not understand: there is a bug in miktex since December that can break installations without warning and, yet, I do not see a trace of a message or a new miktex version, or of a tiny script that people can unbreak their system.

I see 3 possibilities:
1/ Miktex is not maintained
2/ Windows users do not see that their system is not updated, and then I do not see the point of the system 3/ The LyX installer sets up MikTex in such a way that updates break, but normal users do not see a problem.

Which is the right hypothesis ? What did I miss ?



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