Hi, all,

I've committed a major update to the new-to-2.4 "Cancel Background
Process" code. You'll find this on the Document menu after you initiate
export (assuming you haven't disabled background export). It seems to
work pretty well now, thanks to Scott's testing, but there are likely
still some issues. Please test, if you can, and let me know of any
difficulties. The biggest would be an uncaught exception (we need to use
exceptions here to escape from deeply nested calls), but I'm pretty sure
that's not going to be an issue. Smaller problems might arise from
changes in the return values of some calls of which I failed to take
account. Scott ran into one of these, so I hope I have them all now, but
you never know....

One polishing thing I've considered is to allow this to be done by
clicking on the spinning wheel thing that pops up during compilation (or
maybe double clicking), and possibly to bind this to some key. Any thoughts?


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