On 05/17/2018 03:30 AM, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 16.05.2018, 13:48 -0400 schrieb Richard Kimberly Heck:
>> It seems to me that there are two kinds of issues. One is what (if
>> anything) we install, and the other is what happens after that. I
>> think the "auto-install packages" feature of MiKTeX is great for people who 
>> don't want to get their hands too dirty, and Uwe was always right
>> that we should try our best to help those folks. 
> Well, there's texliveonfly for people wanting that:
> https://ctan.org/pkg/texliveonfly

Yes, that basically duplicates the MiKTeX feature.

>> The problem, to my mind, is
>> how this interacts with configure.py: Because of how we test for
>> packages, I think, when we configure the first time, MiKTeX installs
>> everything we test for. Which takes forever, and really doesn't make
>> that much sense. (Actually, there's a list of packages to install in
>> Packages.txt that's used to tell MiKTeX to install a bunch of stuff
>> before we configure, but what it does is install everything that
>> configure.py would install.) Maybe an option, then, would be to limit
>> this list to stuff that is needed for e.g. compiling the
>> documentation,
>> and figure out some way to avoid installing everything on
>> configuration.
> That's the point. This "feature" causes more problems that it helps.
> And our layouts are still cluttered with style and class requirements
> just for the sake of this doubtful thing. We should remove those as
> soon as we have switched to TeXLive.

Is there a concrete proposal to be made here? I.e., that the 'bundle'
installer should install TeXLive? And default to 'medium' (if we can
make it do that)?

Another possibility is to abandon the bundle installer and tell people
they need to install a TeX distribution (and here are some links....)
before installing LyX. The non-bundled installer already does something
like this, though it will let people proceed without LaTeX if they
really want to do that.


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