Dear LyX users,

despite unannounced until today there is an Windows installer available for LyX 2.3.0 since March:

Due to some disagreements with some LyX developers, this will not be the official LyX for Windows installer. However, it works and was already downloaded more than 1000 times since March.

Due to the disagreement with the understanding how LyX under Windows should be developed, I will provide the LyXWinInstaller as my private project and support it of course.

The LyXWinInstaller will take care of everything that provides you a fully functional LyX. That means LyXWinInstaller will take care of all third-party programs LyX is using in the background (MiKTeX, TeXLive, Python, ImageMagick, Inkscape etc.) and will configure and update them for you. The goal is, as for the last years where LyXWinInstaller was the official LyX for Windows installer, to provide an installer where 90% of the users just have to click few times OK and Nextbut to get a fully functional LyX but that also gives some freedom for the 10 % power users (to deselect third-party programs etc.).

As I understood it, there will be a new installer for LyX under Windows from the LyX developers based on the code of LyXWinInstaller. I can and will not give support for this installer because I was not involved in this development.

Uwe Stöhr

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