Thanks for all your work and for the release of LyX 2.3.6!

I was wondering how to proceed with the new installer on Windows. With
former version updates it worked fine just to run the installer and put
the new version over the old one. The new 64-bit installer does not
automatically detect my LyX installation in "C:\Program Files (x86)"
(for 32-bit programmes) but chooses "C:\Program Files". Can I safely
uninstall the old version and keep all my settings? Is uninstalling the
previous version the recommended procedure?

(If I remember correctly, the former installer asked whether I wanted to
install LyX for all users or only for me whereas the new installer,
started as a normal user, assumes I want to install it only for myself
and thus chooses "C:\Users\...\AppData\Local" which would be an unusual
choice. I can of course avoid this by starting the installer as an admin
but I think this worked differently before.)
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