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>> > On Sun, Sep 24, 2023 at 01:48:17AM +0200, Dan wrote:
>> >
>> >> I provide a better workaround for this problem: custom command to set the 
>> >> language in Document > Settings... > Language.
>> >> The command is
>> >>      \usepackage[spanish,es-noquoting]{babel}
>> >> which sets the document's language to Spanish and disables the shorthands 
>> >> < and >; and for some reason seems to work ^^'.
> Yes, I've noticed this option exists, the problem is not just with Letter
> document class.
I could not reproduce the problem in "article" or "book" document classes, but 
it does arise in these classes (test LaTeX document attached)
  - paper
  - Koma-Script variants: scrartcl, scrbook, scrreport.

Also, the problem only shows when using either < or >, not ". Note that ~ is 
considered obsolete since version 4 (although activated), and is deactivated by 
default in version 5 of babel-spanish.
So it might be a problem in the babel-spanish package after all. And therefore 
I thank you for taking the time to report it :).

> The problem that babel-spanish activates '<' and '>'
> at the beginning of the document (unless the es-noquoting option
> is passed or the macro \deactivatequoting is issued before that), so using
> \addto\shorthandsspanish{\spanishdeactivate{<>}}
> I've made a bug report at babel-spanish,
> and I'm waiting for a reply from Javier.
The last activity in that repository was two years ago... I am unsure whether 
he still watches that. I can try to reach him through http://www.cervantex.es/. 
Also, to see if anyone there has experienced this problem with babel-spanish, 
as there is a mailing list for users of (La)TeX in Spanish.

> adding to the preamble the line \deactivatequoting is the best way to go.
That is another option, with the plus that the user can turn it on/off at will.
That line alone in the preamble will not work, the language package must be 
added as well, like this



because LyX puts the preamble code BEFORE the language-package inclusion.

Enviat amb Tutanota.
%% LyX 2.4.0~RC1.devel created this file.  For more info, see https://www.lyx.org/.
%% Do not edit unless you really know what you are doing.
\documentclass[spanish]{scrreport} %article,paper,scrreport,scrartcl,scrbook,book
%% Replace " for either < or > in the code below to trigger the error

\title{Título "}
\author{Autor "}
%Resumen del contenido del artículo

\part{Parte "}

Introducción parte 1.

\section{Sección "}

Texto de la sección.

\subsection{Subsección "}

Texto de la subsección

\subsection{Otra subsección "}

Esta es la segunda subsección

\section{Otra sección "}

Esta es la segunda sección

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