It looks OK here, though I see how bad the text is in yoru image. Probably this is a matter of what program is being used to do the conversion from PDF to something LyX can display. At this point, that is all cached, so we need to clear that. If you go to your user directory, you can clear out the cache subdirectory.

Then launch LyX and, before opening the file, go to View> Messages, then in the pane that opens up, to Settings, choose to show "Selected" messages, and select choose graphics. Then open the file, and email the output in the messages pane. This will let us see what programs are being called to do the conversion.


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I may have expressed myself incorrectly... Exporting to pdf format is perfect for me too. It is the appearance of the preview in the lyx window which is very degraded compared to version 2.3.7
ps :
I am also attaching the screen copy in response to José Matos' question which is clearly not getting through...

    On 1/22/24 16:24, wrote:

        Thank you for your reply.

    I had to remove some things from your preamble to compile it, but
    when I just took everything out of the preamble, I generated the
    attached. It looks fine to me. Are you getting something different?


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