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I am currently in front of my Windows 10 PC at my workplace with which I am experiencing exactly the same symptoms. I followed your instructions, and you will find the requested file attached. I will do the same thing again this evening at home, with my personal computer.

This is plenty good enough. The difference is indeed what converter is being called. In your case, it looks to be low resolution. I'm puzzled why this is different on 2.3.7. You could try running the same test with it. That would tell us.

You could also look under Tools> Preferences> File Handling> Converters, at the PDF to PNG converter. The command listed there will be:

    pdftoppm -r 72 -png -singlefile $$i >  $$o

The -r 72 is controlling resolution. You could try increasing that.

ps: The Schemacinematic.pdf document was created with inkscape... Which I sometimes export to pdf because I cannot activate, in the Lyx window, the preview of inkscape documents in the native svg format. However, adding an inkscape in float fig document works very well in pdfLaTex export, so I often do without the preview. Should the preview of inkscape svg documents be operational or is it a configuration problem / choice of settings that I made incorrectly?

It should work. Here, the SVG to PNG converter is inkscape itself. Maybe LyX is not finding it. Again, check the list of converters, and see if you have anything for SVG.


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