On Sat, 2024-01-27 at 18:12 +0100, didiergab...@free.fr wrote:
> Unable to export a Lyx archive (zip)...
> Attached here is a screen copy of the error message, as well as the
> test file.
> On windows 10 pro

What do you get from View -> Messages Pane (Affichage -> Panneau des

On Linux I get:

17:28:53.360: Exporting ...
17:28:53.365: (buffer-export lyxgz)
17:28:53.467: python3 -tt
"/home/jamatos/tmp/inbox/lyx/"/"MWE-PDF preview.lyx"
17:28:53.568: LyX archive "/home/jamatos/tmp/inbox/lyx/MWE-PDF
preview.tar.gz" created successfully.
17:28:53.568: lyx2lyx warning: No conversion needed: Target format 620
same as current format!
17:28:53.573: Successful export to format: LyX Archive (tar.gz)

José Abílio
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