Sorry for leaving the reference to the custom module... You can delete it 
because what's left in the file doesn't use it. 

Here is the content of the “message” panel when trying to export… 

20:37:37.977: Exportation en cours... 

20:37:37.993: (buffer-export lyxzip) 
20:37:38.150: python -tt "C:/Users/Didier/AppData/Local/Programs/LyX 
2.4/Resources/scripts/" "K:/CPGE/PTSI/DS/DS-2023-2024/DS3/"/"MWE-PDF 
20:37:38.375: Traceback (most recent call last): 
20:37:38.376: File "C:\Users\Didier\AppData\Local\Programs\LyX 
2.4\Resources\scripts\", line 396, in <module> 
20:37:38.377: if not argv[0].startswith("-"): 
20:37:38.378: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
20:37:38.378: TypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes or a tuple of 
bytes, not str 
support\Systemcall.cpp (306): Systemcall: 'python -tt 
"C:/Users/Didier/AppData/Local/Programs/LyX 2.4/Resources/scripts/" 
"K:/CPGE/PTSI/DS/DS-2023-2024/DS3/"/"MWE-PDF preview.lyx"' finished with exit 
code 1 
Error: Conversion du fichier impossible 
Une erreur s'est produite lors de l'exécution : 
python -tt $$s/scripts/ "K:/CPGE/PTSI/DS/DS-2023-2024/DS3/"/"MWE-PDF 
20:38:03.687: Erreur à l'exportation au format : Archive LyX (zip)
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