Le 26/02/2024 à 09:59, Jean-Pierre Chrétien a écrit :
Le 26/02/2024 à 09:31, Jean-Pierre Chrétien a écrit :
Dera developers

While updating the French Math manuel, I can't inset the math macro required in section 22.3.

LyX crashes with this trace in the command shell:

Forget about it, subsection 22.3 was inserted in the table ending section 22.2.
If I paste it in the right place, I can insert( a macro all right.

However, If I try to insert a macro in the table, LyX crashes...

Well, a crash is never a good idea.

I have a question about that. I see that, in theory math macro templates are not allowed in Tabular insets (but in practice the test in Test.cpp is broken, so it does not work).

Is there a reason why we would not want macro definitions in tables ?

Now I have to understand why it crashes.

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