Some parts of the 2.3 documentation manuals remain untranslated in French:
 1/ in section 6.5.2 of the UserGuide, the biblatex documentation;
2/ in section 7.2 of the Additional manual, the subsections about CVS, SVN and GIT;
 3/ a few paragraphs in section 7.3 of the same manual;
4/ sections 5.3.13 and 5.3.14 of the Customization manual, and a few paragraphs about citengine.

2/ remains untranslated from the beginning, as users of these feature mots probably read English.
3/ and 4/ are not a big deal.
The main sections that I would like to get translated in the 2.3 documentation before tackling the 2.4 manuals is 1/.

I thus intend to translate in 2.3 and copy the translations in 2.4, as I understand that the 2.4 manuals have been edited to include the new functionalities.

Is it the right way to proceed?

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