I am using AMS srticle format, and thanks to some help from the group
already have made some configuration changes to the section/subsection
etc formats. A look through the mail archive suggests I would be better
off using amsbook, but this is a paper, not a book, so the formatting
on other stuff  in amsbook is off for my current purposes.

I now wish to have the headers display the section name on the left
hand side, and the sub-section name on the right. I also want the
\cfoot to have page numbers (I can manage this bit tho!). I have tried
using \renewcommand and I have tried using fancyhdr, trying to adapt
what I gleaned from instructions to changing the section/subsection
previously from Herbert. But I can't get it to work. 

Can someone enlighten me on the easiest way to achieve what I want,
using lyx or latex commands. Some help would be much appreciated.


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