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> On Oct 20, 2014 7:46 AM, "Julio Rojas" <> wrote: 
> > Unfortunately, it is so. My wife has both versions and Lyx on Retina is not 
> > a useless application, but a very difficult one to work with.
> My experience is quite different (though of course YMMV). There is no doubt 
> that the screen fonts in LyX ≤2.1.2 look much better on a non-Retina display 
> when examined close up; on a rMBP, the edges of font characters and most 
> icons are blurred and pixelated. But I find that, with the right choice of 
> screen fonts (notably, in my case, Georgia for the main text font), if I am 
> working at a comfortable distance from the screen (including with the laptop 
> in my lap), the blurred/pixelated edges of the fonts are not noticeable. (For 
> the record, my (corrected) vision is very good.)
> That said, there is little doubt that the LyX user experience on the rMBP 
> will be much better still when the version with Retina support comes out, and 
> I eagerly await it. (IIRC Stephan thinks that might be around Christmas.)
> Stephan (or anyone), quick question: Is there any reason to think screen 
> fonts in LyX 2.1.2 will look appreciably better or worse on a new 5k-Retina 
> iMac than on a rMBP?

Chris, frankly, I wasn't sure I understood Jerry's comment. 
Perhaps he's talking about speed and not about crisp fonts.

To answer your question: I have to check it first.


> Surely LyX on a Retina display is no worse than on a normal-resolution 
> display, right?
> Jerry

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