On 25/11/2014 11:29 a.m., Julio Rojas wrote:
Dear Andrew, thanks for the excellent idea. I will be a true believer and user once it works smoothly.

Nevertheless, I have just tried a simple sum and the following error is presented at compilation time:

! Undefined control sequence.

\clyx_vvlist_process:NN ...ist #1\clist_reverse:N

\l_tmpb_clist \clist_map_i...

l.25 \calculyx{$\sum_{n=1}^{2}n$}

No result of this sum is shown in the preview. Did I do something wrong?


Julio Rojas
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Hullo Julio,

My beta tester (there was one) also stumbled over this issue which is why I wrote in my introductory spiel:

"Calculyx requires the three LaTeX3 bundles l3kernel, l3packages and l3experimental. Because a main routine uses a command that was introduced to l3kernel on 18 July 2014, the version of l3kernel must be later than this."

The command that was introduced in July is the one in your error message: \clist_reverse:N. Unless your version of l3kernel is later than 18 July this year, calculyx won't work. You will need to download a newer version of l3kernel.

Any calculation that involves variables ("n" in your test expression) is going to meet this command. You could try something involving only constants or numbers: e^{\pi}-\pi^{e} perhaps, or 1+1!



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