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> On 05/05/15 12:47, Nikos Alexandris wrote:
>> * Will Furnass <wrfurna...@sheffield.ac.uk> [2015-05-05 11:51:56 +0100]:
>>> How do others locate compilation errors in large multi-file documents?
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>> Something like "binary search": split in two halfs, try to find out
>> which half does not compile. Then, again, repeat the same: split in
>> half, identify the erroneous part. Sooner or later you'll nail the
>> source of the error.
> A good idea, but could LyX be improved to make locating errors less
> manual though?  For example, if a mapping was generated at compile time
> from LyX lines to TeX lines then buttons could be added to the
> compilation pane to move the cursor between the lines referenced in
> error messages.

I am by no means a LaTeX expert -0 so I might be wrong, but - the LaTeX
error messages are already quite cryptic, and the error you quote
(Missing } inserted' error for 'l.1052') means that the missing "}" is
inserted in this line - where it is actually missing and what is causing
this does not even LaTeX know - so there is no chance that LyX will be
able to tell you.


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