On 05/05/15 13:27, Rainer M Krug wrote:
> Will Furnass <wrfurna...@sheffield.ac.uk> writes:
>> could LyX be improved to make locating errors less manual
>> though? For example, if a mapping was generated at compile time
>> from LyX lines to TeX lines then buttons could be added to the
>> compilation pane to move the cursor between the lines referenced
>> in error messages.
> I am by no means a LaTeX expert -0 so I might be wrong, but - the 
> LaTeX error messages are already quite cryptic, and the error you 
> quote (Missing } inserted' error for 'l.1052') means that the 
> missing "}" is inserted in this line - where it is actually
> missing and what is causing this does not even LaTeX know - so
> there is no chance that LyX will be able to tell you.

True, but the line number associated with a LaTeX error is a useful
clue when fault-finding and being able to quickly move the cursor to
the corresponding line in LyX could make fixing broken documents much
quicker in many situations.  The compilation pane could display a
caveat next to buttons for moving the cursor between error line
numbers saying something like 'the root cause of this error may not
lie at this location'.


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