Thanks for the feedback.

I got this working by making two changes:

1. The path declaration described in

In the Preferences under Paths you should append 
:/Applications/ at the end if you have 
Inkscape installed at the default location. (Make sure a colon separates it 
from the other entries.) 

seemed to be ignored. I had to add it to my bash $PATH
2. Perhaps because of 1, path variables were missing from the converters. For 
example, SVG -> PDF had --file=$$i instead of —file=$$p/$$i, and similarly for 
—export-pdf, it was missing the $$p/

> On May 13, 2016, at 12:26 AM, Richard Heck <> wrote:
> On 05/12/2016 08:28 PM, Ron Stone wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I’ve followed the instructions at  
>> <>
>>  <>  but I’m encountering the 
>> following error on Mac OS El Capitan:
>> The command
>> Inkscape --file="1_Users_ronstone_Desktop_drawing.svg" --export-area-drawing 
>> --without-gui --export-pdf="1_Users_ronstone_Desktop_drawing.pdf"
>> has not yet completed.
>> The SVG file I am trying to incorporate is drawing.svg, on the desktop (same 
>> location as the .lyx file that is using it). I don’t understand the 
>> conversion of the full file path to: 1_Users_ronstone_Desktop_drawing.svg in 
>> the above error message. Where is that filename coming from?
> Conversions are performed in LyX's temporary directory, in order to avoid 
> polluting your own directories. I do not know exactly where that directory is 
> on OSX. On Linux, it is at /tmp/lyx_temdir.XXXXXX, where the X's are random 
> characters. Inside that directory are various subdirectories for different 
> documents. LyX's copies the file to be converted into the relevant directory 
> but renames it so as to avoid possible naming conflicts.
> Hard to know why the command isn't completing. I'd suggest you try running 
> this sort of command from a terminal. If you can actually run it in LyX's 
> temporary directory, on the copied svg file.
> Richard

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