On 07/17/2016 04:26 PM, David L. Johnson wrote:
When I upgraded to lyx 2.2.0 (which was when debian testing went to it) I lost the print menu. I thought at first it was because my home computer uses an old printer, but the same thing is true on my office machine. I could not find out anything about printing on the http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/NewInLyX22 site, or anywhere else I looked.

Was there a decision to relegate printing (maybe just in linux) to programs handling the output files? I can print fine viewing the output (using evince) and then printing from there, but lyx used to support printing directly. Or, perhaps, something happened with the configuration, but I did not see anything about printing in the menus, or any mention of it.

Never mind, I guess. I see it now in the release notes. But it does seem odd to dump it entirely. The argument that most people would want to preview the output first is not the way I work with it. I often have a viewing window open, but in the past have opted to print directly from lyx. In fact, on an earlier computer lyx was one of the few programs that would work with my legacy printer.

Oh well.  I will adapt, but I'd rather have the option.


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