It seems the GUI is just incredibly slow, taking maybe 30 to 60 seconds to 
respond to an event.  That includes even trivial operations like clicking 
somewhere and having the cursor appear.  In the interim I see continuous 
network activity at about 265KiB/s.

Perhaps this is some  problem with fonts so that I'm getting bitmaps?  Even so, 
it seems to be repainting the entire window whenever anything changes.

I was able to use the GUI to export to Lyx 2.0 format, and I can work on that 
on L. AFAIK I wasn't using any features that require a later version.

So my immediate problem of working on the file is solved via the conversion, 
and the not being able to work remotely issue is at least partly explained.  
I'd still like to know more, like why the remote access is so slow and how to 
convert the format from the command line.

From: Boylan, Ross
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2016 1:46 PM
Subject: LyX GUI unresponsive over ssh

I have a LyX document created in the current version of Debian that I am having 
trouble working with from an older version.

The document was created with LyX 2.1.2 built against Qt 4.8.6 on Xorg 1.12.4 
(remote machine R).

My local machine (call it L) has LyX 2.0.3 against Qt 4.8.1, Xorg 1.12.4.

1.  Copying the .lyx file from R to L and attempting to open it on L -> message 
the file is "from a newer version of LyX and the lyx2Lyx script failed to 
convert it".

2.  Using ssh -Y to connect from L to R and launching  LyX on R up the GUI on 
L.  Moving the mouse around in the window changes the cursor, but clicking has 
no effect in the file menus, the main window or the scrollbar.  I was not able 
to find any error reports on the terminal from which LyX was launched or in 
.xsession-errors on either R or L.

I was able to run remotely from another machine (call it A) that was also 
running an older version of Debian (though maybe not quite as old).  And I can 
run and interact with the xfontself, launched from R, on L.

Aside from possible software differences between L and A, their connections to 
R differed.  A's connection was high-speed and probably not subject to a lot of 
port blocking.  L's connection is slower, somewhat unreliable, and through a 
router that does very selective port forwarding.

Downgrading the file on R seems as if it might solve the problem, though doing 
so without being able to run the GUI is a bit challenging (maybe somehow use 
lyx -x and LFUN_BUFFER_EXPORT, but I'm not sure of the exact syntax?).

And it would be nice if I could get the remote GUI to work, or at least be able 
to diagnose why it isn't working.

Any suggestions?

Ross Boylan

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