On 17.09.2016 00:40, Guillaume Munch wrote:
Le 16/09/2016 à 18:00, racoon a écrit :

The problem with replacing notes is that pdfcomments from the module are
not visible in the outliner.

Something I plan to implement as soon as I am done with my current patches.

So I had to work with notes themselves. LyX notes don't really have a
LaTeX command that is executed. So I ended up hijacking the Note:Comment
and setting LatexName to pdfcomment (and MultiPar to false).

Seems to work pretty fine so far. Maybe that could be even worth an
option or module in LyX?

Sounds dangerous for a module (because of MultiPar), but it looks like a
great hack. Having it on the wiki would be good start.

Of course I forgot to mention that LatexType has to be set to "command" instead of "environment".

Where would one put such a hack on the wiki?


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