Le 21/09/2016 à 18:39, Ben Lowe a écrit :
The make fails with:

note:                 typename std::result_of<const volatile
_Functor(typename std::result_of<std::_Mu<_Bound_args,
std::is_bind_expression::value, (std::is_placeholder::value >
0)>(_Bound_args, std::tuple<_UElements ...>)>::type ...)>::type
std::_Bind<_Functor(_Bound_args ...)>::operator()(_Args& ...) const
volatile [with _Args = int, int, _Functor = void (*)(pid_t, int),
_Bound_args = std::_Placeholder<1>, std::_Placeholder<2>]

THis looks like gcc 4.4, which has indeed never been tested by us. Try to configure with --disable_cxx11 and see whether that helps.

Please report if it does, we will update our configure script accordingly. Actually I think we shoud disable C++11 support for gcc < 4.6.


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