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Subject: Re: Numbering of Theorems, etc.

On 11/15/2016 09:43 AM, Bernt Lie wrote:
I use LyX 2.2.1 (currently) on Windows 10.

I have a rather long document (some 600 pages, with 9 chapters + several 
appendices), and want to number Exercises, Problems, Examples, Theorems, etc. 
*independently* and numbered *by the chapter* (or appendix) they appear in. 
Thus, exercises in chapter 6 should be numbered Exercise 6.1, Exercise 6.2, 
etc., while examples in chapter 6 should be numbered Example 6.1, Example 6.2, 

Currently, this doesn’t work. My set-up is:

·         Document class: Book (Standard Class)

·         Modules: Theorems (AMS, Numbered by Type)

What else do I need to set?

I assume the problem is that you are not getting the "numbered by chapter" bit? 
If so, then maybe the easiest thing to do is use the internal LaTeX command 
\@addtoreset in the preamble, thus:
Now the theorem counter gets reset whenever the chapter counter is reset.

You'll need to do the same thing for any other counters you are using, and see 
the file for the names of the various counters.

See also:

Thanks for quick reply. I’ve tested it (inserting 
“\@addtoreset{theorem}{chapter}” in the preamble), but now get the following 
error messages:

OK. Let me try to be a little bit more precise. Currently, the counters count 
independently. In other words, Definition 1, Definition 2, Theorem 1, 
Definition 3, Theorem 2, Example 1, etc.

However, they (i) do not contain a chapter counter, and (ii) they do 
(obviously) not reset the chapter counter in each chapter.

So, I still have a problem.

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