Hi Paola,

Sorry about that, let me clarify a couple points --

* The computational aspects of this are intended to be commercial (because
they cost server resources to provide), but the pure LaTeX/Markdown editing
is free.
* This project is not a LyX installation. It's a totally separate system
that doesn't use any LyX developers' work, but tries to mimic the editing
experience of LyX.

I'll try to make it clearer on the site that LaTeX editing is free.

(I realize it's sketchy to advertise what seems like a competing product
here, but I'm not trying to commercialize LaTeX editing per se -- in fact,
I'd love to open-source the math editing parts of this. But to get to that
point I need product feedback from people who use these tools, hence this


On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 1:13 AM, Paola Manzini <pm...@st-andrews.ac.uk>

> Hi Tom,
> Sorry but yes, hope I am wrong, but this looks like spam in my book,
> especially considering that the one you are advertising is a commercial
> enterprise, there is no free option - when you write
>    - Notebook environment with WYSIWYG LaTeX editor
> do you mean that you are offering a Lyx installation? Is the site using
> the good Lyx developers’ labour for a financial advantage? Yes sure there’s
> the computing element of it, but if this is the case and I were a Lyx
> developer I would be most irate, considering how upset I am now just as a
> user - I very much hope I am missing something!!!
> On 9 Aug 2017, at 06:39, Tom McLaughlin <t...@codedown.io> wrote:
> Dear LyX users,
> Apologies in advance if this is considered spam.
> I've used LyX happily for years, but always wished there was an easier way
> to collaborate with other people on a document. To make this easier, I've
> been working on a web-based math editor that tries to reproduce the LyX
> experience as closely as possible. It features Google Docs-style
> collaborative editing, version history, etc. (It also supports code
> execution, but that's another matter.) You can see it here: codedown.io.
> The tool is in beta and doesn't have all of LyX's features, but it's
> useful for some workflows.
> If this sounds interesting to you, please create an account and try it
> out! Feel free to email me directly with questions/feature requests/bug
> reports; feedback is always appreciated.
> Best,
> Tom

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