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Hi Paola,

Sorry about that, let me clarify a couple points --

* The computational aspects of this are intended to be commercial (because they cost server resources to provide), but the pure LaTeX/Markdown editing is free. * This project is not a LyX installation. It's a totally separate system that doesn't use any LyX developers' work, but tries to mimic the editing experience of LyX.

I'll try to make it clearer on the site that LaTeX editing is free.

(I realize it's sketchy to advertise what seems like a competing product here, but I'm not trying to commercialize LaTeX editing per se -- in fact, I'd love to open-source the math editing parts of this. But to get to that point I need product feedback from people who use these tools, hence this post.)


Hi Tom, I agree that this sounds like advertising. I agree with you that
the collaborative aspect is the main limitation of LyX compared to
google-docs-style web applications. If your software becomes free
software then it could become interesting to use it and contribute to it.


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