I am trying to open an older lyx file (2016, not sure, which version of lyx it was) with ~/*lyx-2.3.0beta1*$ src/lyx -dbg info

It won't export the pdf file, giving this:

File '/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.EZUiCirb6544/lyx_tmpbuf0/PBR-FINAL-n-B.tex' was not closed properly

I noticed that the figure legends are outside the float figure box such as:

figure 3.2 box here: [figure label] [short title] box ends here

legend outside the box

however, It should be:

figure 3.2 box here: [figure label] [short title] legend inside the box - box ends here

I cut the outside legend and put it inside the float, but to no avail. Trying the pdf output again would not work.
A search seems to track this error down to a lyx2lyx problem.

Is this a known problem, and is there a work around, or should I try the latest *stable* version instead?


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