On 02/19/2018 10:44 AM, F M Salter wrote:

     To explain in more detail.    LyX uses utf-8.   utf-8 is standard on
most operating systems.

     RTF is obsolescent and is not a text file.

     If I insert utf-8 italic characters into a LyX file, the plain text
output contains italic characters.

     I wanted to know if there was a LyX method which would produce
italic utf-8 characters from emphasised text.

     If not, this would become a feature request.

You are confusing characters with glyphs. The letter ‘a’ may be drawn many ways, but it is always the same character no matter how it is drawn; the distinct ways of drawing it are glyphs.

Unicode is supposed to distinguish characters from glyphs. Its designers have done this imperfectly, sometimes making inexcusable mistakes, but they still basically do this.

There are no italics characters as such. There are characters whose typical glyphs might seem to be italic, but these characters are not their glyphs, nor are the character with such typical glyphs the same characters as you take for the non-italicized versions. There is no distinct _character_ italicized ‘a’, though there are distinct characters that are not ‘a’ but may look like italicized ‘a’ to you. A font file that rendered them without italicization would not violate the standards.

In theory, Unicode could have a combing character, such that following a character with the combining character would signal that the first character were in some way to be emphasized. Right now, Unicode does not have this, and I doubt that it ever will, because of the struggles that would result over how many such characters there should be to support distinct forms of emphasis.

Now, you might suggest that LyX _fake_ it, identifying characters from one range that typically _look_ like italicizations of the characters found in standard European alphabets. I'm not sure how well it could be implemented. But, in any case, I don't think that this suggestion would be well received. And, if you make it, then you need to be _very_ clear about what would provoke this device. (All emphasis? textit?)

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