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Hello all!

I am testing LyX 2.3.0 on windows 10 with MikTex 2.9. I have some old tables with footnotes inside them which used to line up fine with the table using the "minipage trick" putting the table in a minipage (whitout the caption). In LyX 2.3.0 this results in the footnote becoming an ordinary footnote, which makes it hard to keep tables and footnotes on the same page. But I understand this is a feature now. Is there any way to "emulate" the old behavior? I include a MWF and two screenshots.

Thanks and all the best!
You could add \renewcommand{\tablefootnote}{\footnote} to the document preamble. (If you do this a lot, you might want to cobble together a module for it.)


Thank you Paul! This works fine and takes me out of immediate danger zone. I guess a module would be a good idea in the long run.

A somewhat linked issue is that I get an error message if I use the rotate package in a LyX file that uses tablefootnotes: "Package tablefootnote Error: Package rotating loaded after tablefootnote."

Hard to find a place to load rotate before the tablefootnote though.

Many thanks again!



I've attached a module. Try putting it in your local layouts folder (~/.lyx/layouts on most Linux systems), then reconfigure LyX, add it to your document (and do /not/ add the \renewcommand line in the preamble), then see if you get the desired results (including using the rotate package).



Thank you Paul! I placed the module in (windows 10) "c:\Users\myselfwhatever\AppData\Local\LyX 2.3\Resources\layouts\ and reconfigured but could not find any module in restarted LyX. This might have something to do with my Windows configuration.

I then placed it in "c:\Program Files (x86)\LyX 2.3\Resources\layouts\" as administrator, reconfigured and now it is available in document settings/modules. Everything works including getting rid of the rotating error message :)

I will try it in my Mac tonight.

All the best!

On Windows 7 the module should go to "C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\LyX2.3\layouts\".  I would expect this to be the same on Windows 10. The "c:\Program Files (x86)\LyX 2.3\Resources\layouts\" location should be left for layouts and modules of the official LyX distribution. When LyX 2.3.1 comes out and you upgrade, this folder will be overwritten and Paul's module will be lost (unless it gets incorporated into the official LyX distro.).


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