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On 04/11/2018 01:37 PM, Paul A. Rubin wrote:
On 04/11/2018 11:23 AM, Sasson Technoligies wrote:
hi all,

I'm using LyX Version 2.2.3 Windows 10.
From some reason the keyboard shortcuts are not shown in the different menus. and i can see in screenshots and tutorial of other users that they did appear in the menus. i couldn't find any option in the preferences to show shortcuts in the menus
and couldn't find any answer in the archive nor in the wiki docs.
hope you can help me with that
(it's grueling to google every shortcut)

Display of shortcuts in the menus is hit and miss at best. In LyX 2.3.0 (on Linux), I get shortcuts for most of the entries in the Edit menu but only one in the Insert menu.

I'm not sure many of the Insert entries have shortcuts (other than the menu accellerators themselves).

That said, if you're missing shortcuts for entries where other people see them, that's a bug.

It'd be nice to know if other Windows users see them.


They are certainly present on a windows 7 machine running LyX 2.3.0 (e.g. File menu, New  Ctrl+N, Open  Ctrl+O, etc.).


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