Hello Thomas,

I am very sorry for my below repeated premature statement re KMM 5.0.0

After digging deeper I must now advise Mageia 6 users to be extremely cautious when trying KMM 5.0.0. I continue using it for my everyday work while avoiding the dangerous parts/commands of it.

Thomas, as I am rather busy right now I will report my findings to you in a couple of days.

Again, very sorry for being too hasty,


Hello Thomas,

I upgraded KMM to version 5.0.0 and  I am back in business after having
to do some minor corrections re foreign currency exchange rates.

My base currency is the EURO. Currencies like the Swiss Franc and others
showed correct exchange rates that did not need any adjustment. But the
exchange rates of currencies with an extrem splay like the € to IDR (1€
~ 16 500 IDR) returned large crazy figures that made no sense at all.
But then it was easy to make the necessary corrections in KMM's Price

I increased the default precision setting to eight digits, e.g. 1 IDR
equals 0,00006001 €.

The Price Editor is now back to presenting the online quotes as before -
special thanks for this great add-in feature!

Should I come across some other imperfections I will report them to you
(but so far it doesn't look like).

I am using Mageia 6

Thanks again for the great program and best regards,

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