Dear fellow users,

I have figures (as pdf) and tables (as LyX child documents) in subdirectories 
./figures and ./tables. When I export from LyX 2.3.0 on Mac to LaTeX 
(pdflatex), the relative paths to these figures and tables are messed up. In 
particular, they are replaced by absolute paths where ‘/‘ is replaced by ‘_'. 
For example, a relative path /figures/figure1.pdf is replaced by something like 
1_users_user_project_project1_figures_figure1.pdf. In addition, LyX places pdf 
files with these names as 1_users_user_project_project1_figures_figure1.pdf in 
the same directory as the main LyX file (but does not do so for the tables 
contained in LyX child documents). As a result, the TeX file does not compile 
correctly and I have to edit it by hand to adjust the paths. I’d much rather 
see LyX keep the relative paths when exporting to LaTeX. Sometimes this 
actually works - but I don’t know why. Can anyone help?

Thank you,

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