this is a LaTeX error has nothing to do with LyX.

And, LaTeX does page by page, so the size of the project doesn't matter.

It can be as easy as a missing } or something.

I would start looking at the log file.

If that doens't work, half the project, if it has the error, half it
again, If it doesn't use the other half. You do that until you have
located the error, which you then correct in the original project.

Version Control and backups are your friend :-)-O


On 2018-05-16 04:26 , Robert Kern wrote:
> Dear lyx-users,
> I'm writing a book, and this evening I decided to export it to a .pdf
> file to check it out. I went to File->Export->PDF (pdflatex) and hit
> Enter. A few seconds later I received an error message which said,
> "! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [parameter stack size=10000].
> If you really absolutely need more capacity,
> you can ask a wizard to enlarge me."
> I'm running LyX on Linux and have plenty of memory and disk space, so
> I wondered where I could find a "wizard" to increase the Tex stack
> size. I went to, but found nothing there, so I went to
> and searched for "wizard" and "stack size."
> So, can anyone tell me how to increase the Tex stack size, or where I
> can find a "wizard" that can help me? Otherwise, I'm stuck with a
> three-quarter completed book which I can't complete using LyX.
> Thanks in advance,
> Robert Kern

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