With newly installed (upgraded) Lyx 2.3.0, whenever I try to add a Biblatex 
bibliography, I am getting this error box:

Lyx: package not available
The cite engine biblatex requires a package that is not available ... or a 
converter that you have not installed...
Missing prerequisites: biblatex.sty

Background: I've just updated to Lyx 2.3.0 via the Windows installer (for 
which, many thanks). A key reason for me to upgrade is the native Biblatex 
support. With Lyx 2.2, I got Biblatex working fine via the tricks described in 
the Lyx Wiki--- so my system is/was basically OK I reckon. But I can't get 
biblatex biblios going with Lyx 2.3.0.

More details below. Any thoughts?

 - This is Windows 10 64 bit, Miktex 2.9.

 - Documents without biblios seem to work fine (ie produce PDFs) and Miktex has 
been happily installing packages on-the-fly at Lyx's request.

 - kpsewhich biblatex.sty (in a command window) finds the file, no problem.
 - the biblatex.sty file lives underneath one of the "TEXMF root directories"  
that Miktex knows about (I am out-of-my-depth on that stuff, but I 

 - This happens both with a brand-new document (Article/Standard class, no 
modules, no local layout, a few lines of text) when I try to add a biblio, and 
also with a 2.2-format document when following the instructions in  "How to 
transition from using Biblatex in LyX 2.2 and earlier to native support in LyX 
2.3" on the Lyx Wiki.

 - Happens whether I set 
Document->Settings->Biblio->Citation_style->Style_format to "biblatex" or to 
"biblatex( natbib)", though the name of the cite-engine in the error box 

 - The exact same issue has occurred on my two machines where I've just 
upgraded to Lyx 2.3. In one case, I did a complete Miktex reinstall *after* 
installing Lyx 2.3, but in the other I used my previous Miktex. Since I already 
had working Miktex 2.9 with Lyx 2.2, I used the Installer 
"LyX-230-Installer-6.exe", not the Bundle (then, on one machine, I re-installed 
Miktex directly).
 - Tools->Tex_Information->Latex_styles does show "biblatex.sty". There are 
lots of entries in the "Biblatex citation styles" and "Biblatex bibliography 
styles", too.

 - FWIW: in Tools->Preferences, I have TEXINPUTS set to "." and PATH_prefix set 
 The same issue happens whether I remove or include the miktex folder there.

Mark Bravington
CSIRO Marine Lab

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