On 02-Apr-19 1:45 PM, Daniel wrote:
> Hi,
> In the attached document the list structure in the work area is shown as
> i. MyEnumerate
>     (a) Enumerate
> but the output is actually
> i. MyEnumerate
>     1. Enumerate
> I seem unable to figure out how to tell LyX that my custom enumerate 
> (as set in the Local Layout and Preamble) is different from the 
> standard one and hence the counting should restart when changing 
> environments.
> I thought LyX would figure out what I want by seeing that the 
> LatexName or LabelCounter differs from the standard enumerate 
> environment but that does not do the trick.
> Is there an additional setting I miss, or is it a shortcoming of LyX?
> Best,
> Daniel

AFAIK:{You need to use ERT in the "Enumarate Opitons" of LyX, and tell 
LaTeX to restart or resume numbering by yourself. Otherwise LyX does not 
have a direct option to do that.}


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