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On 8/14/19 7:35 AM, Dr Eberhard Lisse wrote:
Me three :-)-O


On 14/08/2019 07:15, Daniel wrote:

I just discovered the new feature to edit the preamble externally.
However, I couldn't find where to set the editor for this of any
documentation about it.  On MacOS it opens XCode which asks me to
install additional application or Quit.  This renders the function
pretty useless for me.  I have set a different application as default
for TeX files but LyX seems ignore this.  How can I make LyX open my
favorite editor?


Tools > Preferences > File Formats > LaTeX (plain) > Editor.


Thanks. So, I take it, there is no documentation of this.

Next, question: how do I set a Custom editor then? I tried "/Applications/texmaker.app" but nothing happens though "open /Applications/texmaker.app" in the terminal works just fine.


Following Paul's response, I chose Custom and entered notepad++ (my preferred text editor) in the adjacent window. I've included C:\Program Files\Notepad++ (preceded and followed by semicolons) in the path string at Tools > Settings > Paths. It works (at least in windows).


Thanks for checking. Might be a macos bug then.


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