On pátek 27 duben 2001 14:23 Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:

> > or insert german in layout->document->options.
> I succeeded in getting rid of the Babel error messages.
> However, I am getting now
> Inhaltsverzeichnis instead of table of contents
> and same with table of  figures, tables, Bibliography.

Well, we lawyers call this, that "you have got exactly, what 
you've bargained for". When you ask for german document, you get 
it. If you want english document with some german words in it, 
set document language to english (L/D/O), delete everything in 
the Layout/Document/Other options and Layout/LaTeX preamble, and 
use Layout/Character/Language for setting up the language of the 
particular words to german. It SHOULD work (at least it works 
for me).

                Have a nice day


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