Thanks a lot, but I test your sample and get the same problem (as you can see 
at top page date).
I use miktex, and I has not found beamer-article package. I have just update 
now all packages, and beamer package date is at 12/02/2021.

I'm sorry, but I don't know where log archive is located and the compiled 
document has no errors. Elsewhere I have just test to change language from 
Spanish to English. Then I have errors in the preamble, so I comment preamble 



And now I get no tags!! output pdf document is OK!!



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Am Do., 25. Feb. 2021 um 15:57 Uhr schrieb CESAR MENENDEZ FERNANDEZ 

Hi all
I think I have searched the messages and have not found the solution.
For a few months, the change of document type from Beamer to beamer article 
generates labels with the order of the animations, how can they be eliminated? 
I attach an example with the lyx file and the pdf outputs of the article and 
the presentation.

This works without problems for me (attached my output with the missing 
graphics removed).

This is with beamerarticle 2021/02/09 v3.61

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