the easiest way for me to insert German single quotation marks was to
copy and paste them from Wikipedia or even previous paragraphs from my
text into LyX: ‚ ‘ Now I see there is also the key binding Alt+". Both
methods lead to the same characters both in the LyX work area and in the
output; however, the LyX or LaTeX code is different: The former gets
in LyX code ‚ ‘
in LaTeX \quotesinglbase{} \textquoteleft{}

with key binding or the Insert menu I get
in LyX code \begin_inset Quotes gls and ... Quotes grs
in LaTeX \quotesinglbase{} `

I see no difference in the output but are there cases in which the
different codes make a difference?

A somewhat related question is the difference between typing "let's" in
LyX and pasting "let’s". The output is identical here as well with the
curly apostrophe. Is there case where the different inputs matter?

Thanks! Really appreciate working with LyX.
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