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LyXHTML outputs standard paragraphs with a <div>...</div> (as is the standard for many insets), but i would much prefer <p>...</p>.

I know i can change the tag of other insets by going in the local layout section of Document->Setting, and write something like
InsetLayout Foot
  HTMLTag p

but i cant find anything about the standard paragraph. I don't mean the "sectioning" paragraph, that is mapped to "HTMLTag h5", but the piece of text you get after pressing RET in LyX.

This archived mail https://lyx-users.lyx.narkive.com/yPesoVzz/simple-html-converter-export says
I was unable to change <div to <p in my layout file -- it remained <div 
regardless of how I set HTMLTag.

which doesn't leave very hopeful. Is this doable, or is the "div" tag hardcoded?

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer. I'm on master2.4.0 branch, but the problem should be the exact same on 2.3.x.
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