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On 2022-02-05 07:25, Tom Goldring via lyx-users wrote:
Suppose I have an itemized list like

    paragraph 1

       - paragraph 2

    paragraph 3

where paragraph 2 is nested. If I enter this by choosing the "itemize" environment, then typing

paragraph 1 <return> <tab> paragraph 2 <return> <shift-tab> paragraph 3

LyX creates paragraph 3 as a new item. Is there a way to have paragraph 3 not be a new item? For example, if I enter paragraph 3 in the "Quote" environment, it will look like I want it to on the left (i.e. it will have the same indentation as paragraph 1 without the large dot that indicates a new item) but if it's a long paragraph it will also be indented on the right, which I don't want. In other words, I would like it to have the same indentation (both right and left) as if paragraph 3 were a new item, but without the dot preceding paragraph 3. Hope this makes sense.

Try setting paragraph 3 with the Standard layout and indent it. Hope I understood what you meant.

By "indent it", I meant "increase the depth" (by pressing the tab key, for example).


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