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Suppose I have an itemized list like

   paragraph 1

      - paragraph 2

   paragraph 3

where paragraph 2 is nested. If I enter this by choosing the "itemize" environment, then typing

paragraph 1 <return> <tab> paragraph 2 <return> <shift-tab> paragraph 3

LyX creates paragraph 3 as a new item. Is there a way to have paragraph 3 not be a new item? For example, if I enter paragraph 3 in the "Quote" environment, it will look like I want it to on the left (i.e. it will have the same indentation as paragraph 1 without the large dot that indicates a new item) but if it's a long paragraph it will also be indented on the right, which I don't want. In other words, I would like it to have the same indentation (both right and left) as if paragraph 3 were a new item, but without the dot preceding paragraph 3. Hope this makes sense.
After doing everything as above, with the cursor in paragraph 3, use Insert > Custom Item to open a custom item inset. Leave the inset empty. I would put it at the start of the paragraph (just after the bullet inserted by LyX) for neatness, but I don't think it actually matters where in the paragraph you put it. The undesired bullet will still appear in the LyX GUI, but when you view the document it should be gone.


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