Hello everyone,

I'm having a great time writing papers with LyX.  Thanks a lot for writing
such a great piece of software.

I have a question about the zoom feature that is activated using
Ctrl+(mouse scroll).  It seems that some symbols in equations are not being
correctly scaled, such as "overline" and "hat"; they stay exactly the same
size while the text and other symbols change size correctly (see the two
attached screenshots showing the behavior at 100% and 200% zoom).  Is it
possible to configure LyX so that everything in the equation is scaled the

On a similar note, it would be very helpful if thin lines, such as the
fraction line, could have their thicknesses scaled along with their
lengths, so that on high-resolution monitors (such as 4K) they don't appear
extremely thin.


Lee-Ping Wang
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, UC Davis
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