I use a lot of branches in my documents. I don't think many others do,
so I'm not sure how relevant this will be. But occasionally I find I
want to remove unused branches. Does anyone else come across this?

It would be pretty easy to write a Python script that does this
externally. That's my current plan.

However, I wonder if it would be useful more generally to display in
Document > Settings > Branches how many times each branch is used (i.e.,
how many insets of each branch there are). It would be a column, along
with the current columns "Activated", "Color", and "Filename Suffix".
For example, one could sort the branches by clicking on the column

Would others find this useful? I'm guessing it's just me and maybe one
or two others, in which case it might be best not to propose this
feature on lyx-devel and just take the easy approach of writing the
Python script. Nonetheless I thought I would ask for feedback since
branches are such a flexible tool I'm not sure how others use them.


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