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How should I try to find out whats going on

We need to see this file.


you were right>  you needed a file

But I have sent you a file already where you found a mistake. This document was written with the version 2.4.0dev. For all the other files I worked on I used this preliminary version. All these files do not work with the new 2.4.0-alpha and give this error:

python3 -tt "/usr/local/share/lyx/lyx2lyx/lyx2lyx" -t 606 -o "/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.CgNaqsnmPRnO/Buffer_convertLyXFormatUZurbY.lyx" "/home/wolfgang/Dokumente/PUBLIKATIONEN-EIGENE/A-SP-2022/A-SP-WITTE-E-2022FEB01-TEMPLATE.lyx"
Warning: 608: Format not supported.
Warning: Quitting.
Error: Dokumentformat-Fehler

from this I guess the lyx2lyx is different in the two versions,although it is the same version 2.4.

In case you don't have the file any more, I send it to you again privately.

Thanks for your attention

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