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Am Mittwoch, dem 16.02.2022 um 08:47 +0100 schrieb Wolfgang Engelmann
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But I have sent you a file already where you found a mistake. This
document was written with the version 2.4.0dev. For all the other
I worked on I used this preliminary version. All these files do not
with the new 2.4.0-alpha and give this error:

python3 -tt "/usr/local/share/lyx/lyx2lyx/lyx2lyx" -t 606 -o
Warning: 608: Format not supported.
Warning: Quitting.
Error: Dokumentformat-Fehler

Yes, this is because the file format in the master repository is not
the same than in the released alpha version. If you have saved files
with the former, you need the former to edit them. I wouldn't use alpha
anyway, try to build from the master repository.

from this I guess the lyx2lyx is different in the two
it is the same version 2.4.

The file format changes during development phase (in order to implement
new features). It is only frozen when we head towards a release.


What would you propose I should do in order to be able to continue my working with lyx? Is there a lyx2lyx which I could use to convert the 2.4.0 dev documents to the 2.4.0 alpha3?

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