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> -is File>Export>Lyx-Archive working for master/childs??

Don't know.

> -Under formats (output format) 'Put fragile content out of moving 
> argument' in the MASTER. what does it mean 

It shifts things to the right place. E.g. it moves labels out of
section headings, since this can lead to problems.

> and is it needed also in the childs?


> -in the childs there is a warning in outputting it to pdf >
> Included file `~/Dokumente/PUBLIKATIONEN-EIGENE/A-SP-
> 2022/CHAPTER01.lyx'
> uses input encoding "auto-legacy" [Direct]
> while parent file uses input encoding "utf8" [Direct].
> For both childs. Where and how can I remove this error?

Document > Settings > Language of the respective child/ren.

> - Where do I have to place the bibliography in order to get the 
> bibliography in the pdf file? 

In the master or in one of the children.

> At the time being I have it in all three lyx files, but not pdf
> output

Because your Bib(la)tex inset has he option "keyword=recommand", but
none of your cited references uses this keyword.


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