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-is File>Export>Lyx-Archive working for master/childs??

Don't know.

-Under formats (output format) 'Put fragile content out of moving
argument' in the MASTER. what does it mean

It shifts things to the right place. E.g. it moves labels out of
section headings, since this can lead to problems.

and is it needed also in the childs?


-in the childs there is a warning in outputting it to pdf >
Included file `~/Dokumente/PUBLIKATIONEN-EIGENE/A-SP-
uses input encoding "auto-legacy" [Direct]
while parent file uses input encoding "utf8" [Direct].
For both childs. Where and how can I remove this error?

Document > Settings > Language of the respective child/ren.

- Where do I have to place the bibliography in order to get the
bibliography in the pdf file?

In the master or in one of the children.

At the time being I have it in all three lyx files, but not pdf

Because your Bib(la)tex inset has he option "keyword=recommand", but
none of your cited references uses this keyword.


Thanks, Jürgen
for these information and help
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