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Am Thu, 24 Feb 2022 09:47:14 +0100
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Help! Don't know what I did wrong. But how do I get the
File-Edit-View....Help menu back?

To the very left is the LyX sign
below the Selection box
3rd line begins with the eyes (to start e.g. pdf export)
4th line lists the selected documents
Between 3rd and 4th line should be the File-Edit-View....Help menu
I tried Other toolbars but can't find the missing stuff

I am on lyx 2.4.0dev under Debian

Right-click on the menu-panel, select Standard


You mean the icon with the 4 long bars?
right click has Standard selected, but no
File-Edit-View....Help menu
AND no menu panel
unless I also select Extra
but again no File-Edit-View....Help menu

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