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Would like to add:

I worked with this lyx before and it worked alright.

Should I use the git-lyx for the lyx2.0.4dev version and compile


No. But you could try to remove

I'd suggest moving those files rather than RE-moving them, because they
might be needed later for "exploit the differences" type
troubleshooting, or just to restore the parts of the configuration that


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in .config of my home I have lyx.conf (of the former lyx 2.3x)
and lyx240.conf plus lyx240.conf.orig
I saved these separately.
In all three it tells by opening with an editor, that they contain lines longer than 4096 characters, which are longer as the limit allows. When I had removed (after saving) it and started lyx204 anew the corresponding conf file started with a few lines, but after trying the lyx204 again it soon reached also the limit line length.

I do know nothing about the .conf file generally and the lyx conf particularly. The mentioned might be irrelevant...

Die Datei /home/wolfgang/Downloads/configLyx/lyx.conf ist geöffnet worden, enthält aber zu lange Zeilen (länger als das eingestellte Zeichenlimit von 4.096 Zeichen).
Die längsten Zeilen waren 4.926 Zeichen lang.
Die langen Zeilen sind umgebrochen worden und die Datei ist schreibgeschützt, da ein Speichervorgang die Datei verändern würde.

My plan is to compile the git-lyx again using now lyx24x as a name instead of lyx204, since I urgently need to work with my document.

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