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> On 2/24/22 16:18, tush via lyx-users wrote:
>> I have some figures which I want to include in the marginal part of the 
>> document.
>> The graphics to be included should be of width \marginparwidth​.
>> How can I pass this width to the include graphics tool (Insert->Graphics) 
>> within the editor?
>> In plain LaTeX I would have typed
>> \begin{marginfigure}
>> \includegraphics[width=\marginparwidth]{file.png}
>> \end{marginfigure}
>> (I created a customized marginfigure inset with a module file)
>> So after inserting the graphics file, I don't see any way to specify the 
>> above width.
>> The only options I have are those in the attached picture, non of which is 
>> marginparwidth.
> Click the "LaTeX and LyX options" tab and enter "width=\marginparwidth" in 
> the "LaTeX options" box.
> Paul
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